Into Starlight

the sky, the ocean, boundless depths
of precious gems, reflections of
lithe bodies, celestial, wisps of the milky way – a splotch
of starlight here, the rosy hue of a nebula there,
a darkness deeper than the night,
the drive to dive and feel
the sand in our fingers, the starlight sifting
through our hands,
pooling at our feet;
the urge to disturb these natural wonders,
to contain, to subjugate, to reach
places left unreachable;
to mark the stars with our treads,
to mar all perfect things.


You are drifting,
Cool waters underneath,
Star-speckled siftings-
Calling, still calling
To sink, to give in,
To succumb, to drown, so easy
So simple.
The stars, too, reach for you
Always in sight, always singing
Praises of unattainable heights.
You’re so close,
So soon you’ll be there,
That impossible there,
With them, unreachable
The choir twinkles.
Just stop drifting,
Just stop sinking,
Stop doubting –
And rise.