P.A. Indie Shorts Film Festival

Howdy folks,

I’m pleased to announce that my short script, Hollowheart, was selected for inclusion in the P.A Indie Shorts Film Festival script competition. It’s the first time any of my short scripts have been selected for a festival, and as far as I’m aware it’s the only script in the running named after a tuber deformity.

If you’re at all local to the area (or enjoy a leisurely drive through some kickass mountain towns) I highly recommend stopping by for the festival; a short film co-written by myself and Jeremy Herbert, The Things With the Glowing Green Eyes, will also be playing at the festival.

Hope to see you there,


Gone Off Alone

Here in the shadows of a Pennsylvania motel,
nothing near by a mile, and
red scratching the tile,
I think about a dog I knew so long ago
That felt its time was nigh
and, limping beneath the barn’s crawlspace
Curled up, alone, to die –
Maybe every beast should be noble
enough to hide its pain.
Maybe all these wicked thoughts
are just a sickness of the brain-
So I curl up beneath the clawing linens,
and wait for the sun to rise again.