Time Travel

If I could go back,
I’d have met you sooner.
Kept your fingers from being caught in the cruel pistons of the world.
Suffered the same locker-lined hallways,
Danced through the bleakness of youth.

Maybe then you’d have been there when I needed it,
But, more probably, you’d still leave,
And I’d just be-
And you’d just be-
A myth told in a hundred years,
Whispered to someone in love
With edges sharpened by time.

The Unbeloved Night

The streets are all deserted, the star-light glimmers bleak,
This night has been perverted by a love grown faint and weak.
On trails I wander softly and await the joy I’m due
And though it haunts me awfully: I will not come home to you.

The moon is high and hated while our sorrow paints the night,
The future I’ve created now a monstrous thing of fright.
Past minutes stretch to hours, and thinner yet to years
Through the dimness that devours I see lifetimes fade to tears.

All the love I have not given, the lies I have not told,
Are nails too quickly driven through the marrow of my soul.
Now these shadows have grown stronger for the light I left with you,
And though the night grows longer I know dawn is coming too.