Beautiful Plague

The roses are choking the oats in the field,
To dahlias the rain-riven okra must yield;
Begonias have swollen and stunted the wheat,
These soft-scented petals hold nothing of meat.

The peaches have blossomed but set no new fruit,
In westerly furrows impatiens take root;
The hounds in their kennel lay mewling or dead –
On puffy chrysanthemum florets they fed.

The carrots, the turnips, once neat in their row,
Now twisted and withered where snapdragons grow;
The daisies, the tulips, alive and alight
Are scourges more stinging than mildew or blight.

Cell Poem v2

All Voices Hide Sins
Voices corrupt memory lost,
Hide memory from heaven
Sins lost, heaven found.

I’m taking another look at this concept of vertically/horizontally aligning poems, this was a little mockup I did in about five minutes. I’m undecided on how punctuation factors into the mirror – it’s fine to use along the ‘fold’ of words that only appear once, but can look a bit odd otherwise. These are also significantly easier to do with less than 6 cells per row/column.

Survive the Winter

To Halt The Bud Before The Blooming,
See The Shadow Of This Sorrow Crimson
This Bramble Slows The Growth Of Flowers
Misery Of The Winter Dulls Lingering Color
End Each Moment Hiding That Emotion Distant
At Cold We All Wonder Between Stars
Last Night Shared Secrets Left Us Weeping.

Reflecting Poem

All Unspoken Words Shout The Truth Gladly,
Unspoken Secrets Waiting For Lies Turned Sour
Words Waiting Hide Revelation Against Your Lover
Shout For Revelation In What Gazing Seeks
The Lies Against Where Man’s Sight Rests
Truth Turned Your Gazing Sight Inward Reflecting
Gladly, Sour Lover Seeks Rests Reflecting Life.