wicked and wise

Some words are wise and some are wicked
and spoken in anger it is hard to decide
if these words are the steps on a path to salvation
or a lover’s last method to spurn and divide.

massacre of venus

Your eyes had no light, your mouth had no love,
and words sped across your teeth like the throwing of a glove.
You did not want forgiveness. you did not want my time.
The only thing left was to enlist me in your crime.
You begged me then to hurt you, to kill any hope we might sustain,
to beat the angels bloody until myths alone remain.
I spoke without feeling, with words dredged from the muck
“Maybe I never loved you.
maybe I just wanted to fuck.
wouldn’t that be less embarrassing?”
I left there, shattering, like the glass thrown in the sink,
now the words I never tried to say are the only thoughts I think.

Can’t Find Any Peace (Song Draft, #2)

I like songs about loves that need ending
Too broken and battered to bother with mending
They remind me of us, no point in pretending
And I can’t find any peace in this town.

A bird cannot fly on only one wing
But it can still lie, and it can still sing
These trills and these notes don’t mean a damn thing,
But they bring all the jackals around.

We both feel the sickness, We both know the cause
This rot is complete and we won’t beat the odds
We just lay in our bed and look truth in the jaws
And I can’t find any peace in this town.

The hate glints from your eyes like a scope in the light
Your finger a Kalashnikov hot from the fight,
Laying in ambush in blue jungle night
I hope you don’t flinch while you’re gunning me down.
And I can’t find any peace in this town
Can’t find any peace in this town.