P.A. Indie Shorts Film Festival

Howdy folks,

I’m pleased to announce that my short script, Hollowheart, was selected for inclusion in the P.A Indie Shorts Film Festival script competition. It’s the first time any of my short scripts have been selected for a festival, and as far as I’m aware it’s the only script in the running named after a tuber deformity.

If you’re at all local to the area (or enjoy a leisurely drive through some kickass mountain towns) I highly recommend stopping by for the festival; a short film co-written by myself and Jeremy Herbert, The Things With the Glowing Green Eyes, will also be playing at the festival.

Hope to see you there,



There is a castle with walls of sand, ever-shifting,
Always baking beneath the hot sun;
Heaped high by the wind’s dry lashings.

The walls are stout and sturdy,
But only when the wind shapes them,
And the sun stares harshly upon them,
Only then do the walls keep the wind out,
Only then do they provide a shady retreat.

The day comes when the sun grows dim and distant,
And the winds meekly murmur in protest.
The walls crash down,
And all scatters back to sand.

Blog Hard 2: Blog Harder

Tomato season is officially in full swing, which means I am now perpetually on the brink of exhaustion. I’ll be heading back to college in a week or two as well, and it seems apparent that I’ll be unable to continuing everything I generally do. With that in mind, I’m going back to a 1/week schedule for updating this blog. I probably don’t have any die-hard fans for this to demoralize, but I’m announcing it nonetheless.

Tune in next week, folks.

Blog Hard

Hello there. I’m the guy in charge of this little shindig. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at the things I’ve written, and the things I will write. I figure it’s only fair that, since you’ve taken the time to see what I’m up to, I should introduce myself and throw a bit of background information at you. Feel free to read it, or not; that’s between you and the blog. Continue reading “Blog Hard”

Saturday Blog Fever

I’ve realized that an entire week is a pretty long time between stories, so I’ve decided to start updating bi-weekly. Get ready for some poetry and short-short stories.

In other news, I’ve realized my short stories this far have been┬ádistinctly fantasy-flavored, so I’ll be writing a distinctly not-fantasy story for this Wednesday.

Have a nice weekend, folks.