Short Scripts
Hollowheart – A farmer nurtures the wrong seed. 7 pages. Horror/Drama. Winter 2018. Winner: Best Short Script at the PA Indie Short Film Festival.

The Things With the Glowing Green Eyes – A group of strangers at a town hall meeting explore their relationships with the mysterious green-eyed phantoms haunting their town. Horror/Comedy. Co-written with Jeremy Herbert. Produced.

Stuck! – a security guard discovers, through no fault of her own, that her jobsite has been transformed into a giant glue-trap. Short play, three actors.


Full Length Scripts
Another Harpersville Massacre – Nestled in the Appalachians, Harpersville has it all: Strip mines. Underage drinking. A succession of festively-dressed spree killers. When a reporter comes to town looking for a big break, he finds more than he bargained for. 115 pages, Horror/Slasher, co-written with Jeremy Herbert.
Feature Script Finalist, Nightmares Film Festival.
Best Slasher Feature Script, Horror Hotel Film Festival

The Other Poseidon Adventure – A cruise ship’s sewage awakens a vengeful god. Creature Feature. Co-written with Jeremy Herbert.
Best Feature Script, Genreblast Film Festival