Cool Sword From The Mall

Nothing wrong with this, nothing wrong with this,
not historically accurate nor
made with “real metal” but
the guys have had some drinks and we’ve got it down from the wall,
faux snake-skin scabbard and all,
and we’re swinging it in the backyard at
apples, cardboard, whatever’s laying around,
and the imitation ruby flew off the handle as the blade
jammed in a pumpkin, but it’s not a major loss and
we’re hooting with laughter, like a
barn full of owls, and we keep passing it off
in mockery of knights, kneeling to present or
letting the earth swallow the blade,
and there’s nothing wrong with this, hell,
I bet fancy lads in far-off England
have been doing similar for hundreds of years,
just with more expensive goods and
more expensive mistakes,
but cheap mistakes are the best mistakes and
our low-cost laughs are better than most

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