Revisiting an Old Game

these pixels were once lifelike
this square-faced man a reflection of
a friend we once knew,
this work was once acclaimed and
these approximations of women
were discussed fervently in the cafeteria. We
used to see something more here,
something sharper than fuzz and squares;
the lack of detail was no loss
but an invitation to imagine.
we used to disbelieve what we saw and
hammer a crisper reality from raw color;
we would tell eachother how we conquered
the smallest of hurdles, we would
brag and boast and, at times,
seethe and curse our friends, our
anonymous comrades and hated strangers.
So we go back, to see what we have lost,
and to discover that it is all still there,
in the fullness of fidelity,
and only we have changed.

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