Future Anthropologist

I want to know what clothes you wore
to bed, to work, to play,
and what tools you used for work, the
bits of twisted glass and titanium as
indecipherable to us as knap-flint hide scrapers,
I want to know the way you held your head,
how high? How proud? Why?
I want to know the way a home in Tuscarawas County smelled in a rainstorm,
and the taste of a pierogi made in Cleveland, I want
to know why so many of you were led half-blind
through a system of half-incarceration, I
want to know why you feared the stick of Law
and followed the carrot of want, of need, of
greed and lesser things,
I want to know what you wrote in your diaries,
what you sharpied on your arms and
what you screamed into the night;
I want to know all this, all this
and more, so
please leave footsteps where you may
and record your passage through this place.

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