The Magic Of Multivitamins

A thousand years of sweat and toil and
tiny sores under the tongue, of stinging in the cheeks.
A thousand more of thin men scraping by in soil and
the well-fed masticating the meek.

We do forget the magic of our everyday,
we do forget so quick,
so clean;
we live void of lingering memory
(no meals to be found in yesterdays)
as plump and ignorant as headless queens,
we live with the magic of multivitamins and
the option to choose – what not to eat –
what ragged ancestor, what sand-sifted shephard
could dare to dream of not eating of meat?
We live with the magic of multivitamins and
tell ourselves others, elsewhere, still scrape by
and we let our food rot in the earth
as thin-limbed foreigners weep,
and die.

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