Love In Multitudes

There is love that you welcome in and
reheat the coffee for, and
love that flies in through an open door and
builds a nest in the upper corners of the room.
There is love that stings when you find it clinging to
your sleeve, and
love that smells as fresh and sweet as the second snowfall.
there is love you chase away with a broom,
and love you sit on your lap and pet until it purrs,
love you cannot name and
love as vast and cryptic as a carving in a British hillside,
love we all know and love known by few,
all valid, always valid,
the love we pat on the back as it vomits and
the love we watch sunsets with,
love as thin and concentrated as the point of a needle and
love that spreads through your arm like medicine,
and love that pounds inside your head like flu.
There is love that sounds like music and love that
sounds like pots being knocked from the top shelf,
love that watches you undress and
love you undress yourself,
Surely there is love,
Surely there is love,
Surely, there is love in you.

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