Green Eyes in The Night

mosquitoes buzzing in my ears, buzzing around my nose
move the L-E-Ds behind me to get that cool silhouette effect
flip on the homemade glasses, the whole world starts aglow
green eyes in the night, the cameraman says ‘roll!’

and I wonder if it’s worth it, I think everybody is
not just the boys in the woods that night, testing out the shots,
but judges wonder in their courtrooms,
cashiers daydream in their aisles
why does everything we’re waiting for,
take such a damn long while?

Mosquitoes buzzing in my ears, moths pulsing to the lights
eyes blazing like a memory of the Cuyahoga’s burning
the actor’s got his pistol out, pointing at my face,
and I’m just yearning for something, without moving my head.

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