I know the words in the actress’ throats,
heard them before the breath was drawn,
the recitation confirms my fears,
the first word of the scene triggers knowledge of the last.
I assume this is some known condition
one part Déjà, two parts vu,
but it reminds me of a woman, years ago,
who told me she could predict the future,
who told me there was something I had to do,
something important, that all my life
would build towards the completion of;
she asked me for five dollars, afterwards,
and I felt the strangest sense –
like I knew she would ask for that.


of course I can’t expect you to come with me,

I can’t think of a worse curse to inflict on a person I like.

Because no matter how long it goes well,

A date, a year, a lifetime,

It all ends, my fears come true

And yours, too. Every flaw is revealed

With enough time for inspection,

Every taste grows a bite, every

Sound, sustained, will whine through your skull.

And yet,

Apples sweeten as they rot,

and even long-buried bones

Have names,

And I hope you will come with me,

I really still hope.

P.A. Indie Shorts Film Festival

Howdy folks,

I’m pleased to announce that my short script, Hollowheart, was selected for inclusion in the P.A Indie Shorts Film Festival script competition. It’s the first time any of my short scripts have been selected for a festival, and as far as I’m aware it’s the only script in the running named after a tuber deformity.

If you’re at all local to the area (or enjoy a leisurely drive through some kickass mountain towns) I highly recommend stopping by for the festival; a short film co-written by myself and Jeremy Herbert, The Things With the Glowing Green Eyes, will also be playing at the festival.

Hope to see you there,


Green Eyes in The Night

mosquitoes buzzing in my ears, buzzing around my nose
move the L-E-Ds behind me to get that cool silhouette effect
flip on the homemade glasses, the whole world starts aglow
green eyes in the night, the cameraman says ‘roll!’

and I wonder if it’s worth it, I think everybody is
not just the boys in the woods that night, testing out the shots,
but judges wonder in their courtrooms,
cashiers daydream in their aisles
why does everything we’re waiting for,
take such a damn long while?

Mosquitoes buzzing in my ears, moths pulsing to the lights
eyes blazing like a memory of the Cuyahoga’s burning
the actor’s got his pistol out, pointing at my face,
and I’m just yearning for something, without moving my head.

It Kills You Seven Times

It is a childish thing, is it not,
to see a shattered window and think
to pick up all the shards

Your hands are left bloodied,
and no matter how delicate
the process, how terrible
the pain,
the glass will not stitch itself

Ah, but if the window
were pieced together,
would the history of breakage
not make it more beautiful?