Looking for..

I am far too stupid to know what type of woman I’d like to date,
and not dumb enough to suggest that I know what my type is.
It’s hard to pinpoint if  an artsy or an outdoorsy girl,
or maybe a bookworm, would be better to have weeping at the station as my train pulls away.
It is hard to know how many tattoos is the right amount of tattoos, or if
a cat person or a dog person would be better suited to comfort me when,
after a long and brutal battle, the cancer wins at last. I don’t know which
sign I am compatible with, or what the habits of a psychopath are, and I
don’t know which shows they’re supposed to like, and I’m not sure
if any of it matters at all, but I certainly
can’t imagine a world where I never quite find out.

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