Good Enough To Die As

I will be a better man
who fights fearlessly and loves sparelessly
I want to always know which way is north,
and realize that everything is not always
heading in any particular direction.

I already know the horrors of the world,
have seen children rob their parents and
rich men kill the poor, and laugh in court;
laugh with their friends. I have seen poor men
with dragons devouring their arms, and women
slaying the dragons or being consumed in the attempt.

I do not ask for an end to suffering.
it is beyond me to make a just world.
All I ask is to be a better man,
a man good enough to die as.

One thought on “Good Enough To Die As

  1. That is all is needed for a just world: good people. But when misery breeds evil and children are raised by fools, chances are good men will always be few. I like your writing!

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