Waste All, Want All

I want to rip the gleaming stars from their branches,
eat the ripest and spit the seeds into the night.
I want to sink my face into the soil,
gnash and wail and feel the grit in every bite.
I want you to know: I am dying slower, now,
and burrowed creatures weep when brought to light.
I am forgetting the curves of my face,
and betting on oblivion over fright.

One thought on “Waste All, Want All

  1. Sorcerygod [www.future.code.blog]

    The wolf puts a paw on the caribou skull
    It rights itself like a galleon’s hull
    In between day and night
    Lies only the predator’s right

    Thanks for your poems. Come a’commenting at my website and I’ll spend more time with YOURS.

    Come to:



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