A Bigger Eye

They started the project in Florida,
where the plans were drawn for a shining obelisk
six-hundred feet long and laid on a side.
Five hundred dying men clapped, unknown
to the general populace.

The estimated cost was incalculable
an amount inconceivable to the organic mind
which can imagine a single apple, and ten apples in a row,
twenty apples in a bucket, fifty apples in a sack, but
cannot possibly picture thirty billion apples in
thirty million neat rows.

The materials were sent for: the finest sourcing of
palladium and platinum, far above the mere
excess of gold and silver, and the wranglers
were sent to the great deserts to purchase the finest steeds.

So they rode, five hundred dying men,
with wealth that rivaled the sum of nations,
in an orderly line of camels
towards the great, spacious eye of their
perfect needle.

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