Response to a Text at 3AM

First of all I’m glad that you
didn’t get what you wanted.
I’m glad you’ve chosen to stay, although,
obviously, not with me. Life
is not worth throwing away. But
I can’ti can’t do this. I can’t
tell you things will go back, I can’t
fool myself into believing you are
innocent in all you do, and I
know you’ve been hurt, god,
hurt more than anyone I’ve known or will know,
but i’m an idiot for letting you walk over me, and
i’m an idiot for loving you.
I’m sorry I hurt you, I’m sorry I let you hurt me, I’m
sorry you wasted my time like
you always said you were
maybe someday we can talk like friends –
I hope we can, I really do, but
i can’t right now

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