Growing Glories

If your heart must grow a garden, I offer up these seeds:

Clacking dice colliding as they roll free from the hand;
Sunlight poking through the clouds like spotlights on the sand;
The purr softly stirring from the gray kitten’s tummy;
a child running a wildflower, calling “mummy! mummy!”;
The rolling wrinkly ocean slinking out across the bay;
Sunset creeping down the road with nothing in the way;
Slowly-drifting snow blanketing a street full of friends;
Swollen strength erupting as the tall pine bends;
Patting down the tuft of fur on a big dog’s brow;
The nibbling of a wary fish on bait below the prow;
The healthy, whole feeling when you can no longer feel the pain;
The way you think others see you on a bus-ride in the rain.

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