And Fight

Like the gunman in the front row
as the ranks stop and sight,
heart pounding when the smoke clears out
Chunks of meat left to rot in the night.
Keep it in.
Keep the tears locked in your eye.
You’ll need to see clearly now.
Someday there will be time to cry-
But not now.

At your grand-mother’s bedside,
The doctor says a week or less
She doesn’t remember your name anymore.
The walls tumble when the foundation’s a wreck-
Keep it in.
Don’t let her see what’s underneath.
She needs you to be strong today.
Hold in the tears until you leave-
But not now.

And there’s a child in the driveway
who doesn’t understand why the dog is on its back,
And it doesn’t matter what you say,
it seems like all the world can see the tire-tracks-
Keep it in.
Lock the doors and pull the blinds,
Be alone with your forgotten self,
cry tears at last, and try-
try to be kind,
kind to yourself,
Bomb the dam and let out everything behind.

Just let it out,

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