You wore a dress that fit you like a stormcloud on a beach
thunderclaps and riptides always just within my reach
the air was cool and apple-sweet, the Perseids were humming,
we hadn’t shared a first kiss yet and couldn’t see it coming-
all the laughter – all the heartache – all the moments wearing thin,
the warmth we’d make each other feel, the hurts we hid within,
the freshly burning bruises we swore we’d never make,
and the nothing left within us,  the nothing left to take,
the world’s slow broadening when sliding to the crash,
how lovely does disaster look when smudged with fallen ash?
And how I’d just keep falling for it, each and every time, I guess
An actress never tells a lie when reading her next line.
But none of that had mattered when we sat and played our parts,
when the Perseids were scratching through the skies above the fields,
and I knew what it felt to feel, and now I know with all my heart,
every secrets sorrow in the seed that never yields

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