Speak, always.

I want to speak-
Have always had the urge to speak-
Learned the rhythms, the motions to mutter.

Delved for words, luxuriant syllables,
Through verdant hills and daunting chasms,
Sunshine weeping through knotted texts,
Plucked out the fruit of knowledge;
Bitten through, bitter throughout, and abandoned.

There is simplicity, to speak
In words that all of man may know, to speak
In words that all of nature has known, to speak
In one tone known to all, to speak
As the jay sings to the skies, to speak
As the violin cries to the crowd, to speak
As the trees creak in the winter storm, to speak
As the lion declares his strength, to speak
As the castaway drifts from himself, to speak.

I want to speak-
Though I have nothing to say.

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