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Hello there. I’m the guy in charge of this little shindig. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at the things I’ve written, and the things I will write. I figure it’s only fair that, since you’ve taken the time to see what I’m up to, I should introduce myself and throw a bit of background information at you. Feel free to read it, or not; that’s between you and the blog.

  • My name is Wolf.
    • Yes, that’s my real name.
      • Yes, it’s on my birth certificate
  • I’ve been writing stories and poems for about three years.
    • I don’t think I’m as good at it as my friends claim I am.
  • Robocop is the greatest movie I’ve ever seen.
  • The easiest way to judge a man is to hear his lies.
  • I’ve worked on my family’s farm since forever. We mostly grow apples, peaches, tomatoes, cabbage, and pumpkins.
    • It is not particularly fun.
      • I know how to work a hoe.
  • I keep a freshwater aquarium.
  • I occasionally have vivid nightmares that wake me in a state of panic.
    • One of these involves a Mr. Potato Head toy.
  • For some reason I own a longsword.
  • I used to dream of being an astronaut, now I just dream.
  • My handwriting is atrocious.
  • I thought Cleveland was a Hollywoodesque center of media importance until I was 16.
    • I blame The Drew Carey Show and Third Rock from the Sun.
  •  I have had many, many cavities.
  • My hair was once described as ‘a shock’.
  • I’ve written more gangsta raps than I’ve heard.
    • Some of them aren’t too bad, either.
  • A sizable portion of my life has been spent playing video games.
    • I don’t regret it, usually.
  • I host a college radio show with my roommate.
  • I high-fived a homeless man in Chicago.
  • When I was young there was a big scare about terrorists sending pipe-bombs in the mail. I misheard this as ‘pythons’ and was terrified of opening the maibox and finding a snake.
  • I’m not as interesting as I pretend to be.

That’s all for now. Have a good weekend.

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