Old Routines

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Crack In The Axe

Do you counsel the axehead?
Look it in the eye,
oil the shoulder and
audit the cheek?

Do you
notice the crack,
and reforge the bit –
knowing it cheaper
to find another
in some school, some shop?

Do you know the axehead?
Or are you content
to swing it
’til it breaks?

Nothing New Created There

before your were born,
you were grown
from watermelon vines and
the flesh of beasts,
the fruits of the deeps,
you were formed
and nurtured,
from the grains of the soil,
from the soil itself –
how grand and impossible
these bodies,
on Earth since creation,
reassembling and devouring
all shapes,
all fleshes,
all skins.

Shakespeare, Elvis,
Socrates too,
Cao Cao,
the rest of the crew –
all had in common
some creeds, some beliefs,
they lived.
they died.
like us all,
it was brief.

lay down

Lay down the pen
and step outside,
nobody ever wrote
a great story without having lived
a great story –
no great poem is written
by hands unfeeling and unfelt –
even the tragedies,
(especially the tragedies)
may be burnt for warmth,
throw them in with the good times,
the bad,
burn it all
and hope for a pleasant spring.


how lovely to be a beginner
and know nothing of correctness,
how often the competent
see only the errors –
and our hands yearn
to work so free and stupid,
craft spasmous joys instead of
tormented terrors –

the words ill-chosen,
the plan is set
and only the mind decides it –
thrill or threat?


You cannot fathom how far you will retreat –
your guess will be wrong,
growing closer, then further as you flee
needing to be far from here and
having no home in sight –
you cannot know
where safety is,
you will run and run
until collapse, and then,
terror will tell:
“you not have run
far enough.”